Thorens Headshell Screw Kit For TP-11Mk1, TP-16 Mk1 and TP13a Models

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Thorens Headshell Screw Kit For TP-11 And TP-16 Mk1 Models.

Fits every model cartridge to your headshell.

The headshell it is compatible with, is depicted.

This includes the following Thorens models; Thorens TD 145, Thorens TD 160 Thorens TD 165 and Thorens TD 166.

The packages contains 16 m2 screws as well as 2 nylon washers. Headshell on the photo is not included.


We also offer other parts to attach, measure and adjust the cartridge to your Thorens headshell on our website. This includes a 3D printed copy of a Thorens headshell alignment tool, 3D printed headshell spacers, and many more.


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