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Frequently asked questions

I need a record player part, but it's not sold on your website.

Don’t worry! We offer a free copying service, where you only have to pay the production cost.

Send us an email with some clear pictures of the part and where it sits on the record player.

By looking at these photos we will judge whether it is possible for us to copy the part.

Then, we will ask you to ship the part to us and we will return it to you with a 3D printed copy!

How long does shipping take?

On the page of the product you can see whether the product is in stock.

When the product is not in stock we have to print it for you and expect to ship it to you within a week.

If the product is in stock, it will usually take 1-2 working days after payment is received before we ship the product.

I want to backorder a product. When will it be shipped?

Usually we will immediately print a part if it is backordered.
After you’ve backordered a part, you can expect it to be shipped next Saturday.