My story

How I developed my passion for record players

A while ago, I Bought my first record player. After this, I soon realised that there was a whole world of record players out there and I wanted an upgrade.

When I got this upgrade, it was in need of some repairs. I went to an expert and watched him do it. Being someone who already had quite some experience in tinkering and repairing, record player repairs instantly sparked my interest.

Over the last couple of years, I have familiarized myself with numerous different record player brands, including: Thorens, Tecnics, Dual and many others.

When I performed repairs, I noted that the same models often had the same failures. For the plastic parts that needed replacement, I looked into 3D printing. It didn't take long before I had acquired a collection of designs for record player parts, which I had designed in CAD.

From there I decided to start a website dedicated to providing repair tutorials, repair services and selling (3D printed) record player parts, so you can repair your own player too!

About ArtOfVinyl

A hobby born into a company

Although I dedicate a lot of my spare time to ArtOfVinyl, I only do it part-time, mostly in the evenings and weekends.
Therefore, production and shipping can sometimes take a couple of days.
On the product page you can see the current stock of a product. If the product is in stock, you can expect shipping within a day or two. When you backorder a product it might take a couple of days longer.
I will however always try to ship products as soon as possible.

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