Thorens TP 16 and TP 11 mk-I tonearm rest for TD 160, TD165, TD 165 and TD 145 mk-I models

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Tonearm rest replacement for many mk-I Thorens models.

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The original tonearm rest relies on clamping force, exerted by a very thing piece of plastic.

Needless to say, this is sensitive to breaking, and once it breaks, it leaves your tonearm unsecured on your record player.

This can cause possible damage to your cartridge and stylus. Original replacements can be very expensive and are difficult to find.

This 3D-printed reinforced copy of the tonearm rest uses thicker plastic on the flexible top part, so it is less fragile than the original part.

The original screws can be used to fix this tonearm rest, the holes for the screws are already in the part.

The product sold is the product that has a thicker “neck” on the top. The original (with screws in the bottom) is laid down next to it, for comparison.


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