Technics Dustcover Repair Kit (2 hinges)

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24.99 incl. VAT

An easy to use solution for your Technics’ broken dustcover hinge! Watch our video to see how you can perform this repair all by yourself.

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This repair kit can be used to repair your Technics dustcover hinge. 
Watch our instruction video below to see how you can repair your own hinge!
The price is 14.99 euro per hinge or 24.99 euro for a set of hinges. Nuts and bolts are included.
If you want to order a single hinge, click HERE

Applicable with the following Technics models:

Technics SL-2** models:
SL-220 SL-221, SL-230, SL-231

Technics SL-3** models:
SL-303, SL-3100, SL-3110, SL-3200, SL-3210, SL-3300, SL-3310

Technics SL-5** models:
SL-5100, SL-5110, SL-5200, SL-5210, SL-5300, SL-5310

Technics SL-B** models:

Technics SL-BD** models:
SL-BD1, SL-BD2, SL-BD3, SL-BD10, SL-BD20, SL-BD21, SL-BD22, SL-BD27, SL-BD33

Technics SL-D** models:
SL-D1, SL-D2, SL-D3, SL-D20, SL-D210, SL-D202, SL-D212, SL-D30, SL-D31, SL-D310, SL-D303

Technics SL-DD** models
SL-DD2, SL-DD3, SL-DD20, SL-DD22, SL-DD33,

Technics SL-Q** models:
SL-Q2, SL-Q3, SL-Q20, SL-Q200, SL-Q210, SL-Q202, SL-Q30, SL-Q300, SL-Q310, SL-Q303

Technics SL-FM1

If your model is not in this list, please inquire to see whether it will fit your turntable.

8 reviews for Technics Dustcover Repair Kit (2 hinges)

  1. Han (verified owner)

    Great solution for repairing the Technics hinges. Instruction video on YouTube was very helpful.

  2. Ralf (verified owner)

    Great Product and quick shipping

  3. Pawel Berest (verified owner)

    Seems to be well designed and made. Very easy to install. Fits perfectly into the hinge. I just hope it’ll last a long while. A step by step tutorial video (found on a website) turn out to be very helpful and informative.
    Good value for money, but shipping cost on the other hand…

  4. Keith Heslop (verified owner)

    Fitted well

  5. ANTHONY PARKER (verified owner)

    Brilliant product did exactly what I needed it to do. It fixed my broken technics lid perfectly. Would highly recommend this seller. Thank you so much.

  6. David C. (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. The product works perfectly and exactly as shown and as described. Shipping was lightening fast! Great communication. The video instructions are perfect. This worked perfectly for me. I would give you 6 stars if i could! Thank you!

  7. Clay Collins (verified owner)

    The 3D printed repair kit is a great idea. My technics turntable (model SL-B30) is slightly different from the one in the video in that it has a raised portion in the right rear corner (as viewed from the rear) that unfortunately interferes with the screw heads preventing the dust cover from fully closing. One solution would be to raise the height of the repair hinge holes about 3-5 mm to clear the raised section. My best solution would seem to be to change the screws type to flathead and countersink the inside holes to recess the screws.

    • josse (store manager)

      Dear Clay,

      I saw the image you sent me.
      The hinge needs to be different indeed. I’ve encountered this issue with the SL-B202 and SL-B303 as well. I will update the product description to mention your model as well.
      For these models I have made a special hinge with recessed screws. I can ship it to you free of charge next week.
      My apologies for the inconvenience.

  8. Maria Z. (verified owner)

    It looks as good as I expected, and it was really easy to do (it took me 5 minutes to drill and place – I had removed all excess in advance). Very pleasantly surprised that the delivery was free of custom taxes coming to UK. Would happily recommend

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