Dual Headshell Cartridge Alignment Gauge

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This alignment gauge tool is a very useful piece of equipement to have.

It allows you to quickly check and adjust the position of the cartridge in the headshell, both in vertical position and horizontal postion.

This tool is compatible with multiple Dual models, including:

Dual 5** series:
Dual 502, Dual 504, Dual 510, Dual 601, Dual 604, Dual 621

Dual 6** series:
601, 604, 621

Dual 7** series:
Dual 701, Dual 704, Dual 721, Dual 731

Dual 12** series:
Dual 1209, Dual 1210, Dual 1211, Dual 1212, Dual 1214, Dual 1215, Dual 1216, Dual 1218, Dual 1219, Dual 1220, Dual 1222, Dual 1224, Dual 1225, Dual 1226, Dual 1228, Dual 1229, Dual 1229Q, Dual 1234, Dual 1235, Dual 1236, Dual 1237, Dual 1239, Dual 1241, Dual 1242, Dual 1245, Dual 1246, Dual 1249.

The images illustrate how to utilise this tool. The correct positions of the cartridge are shown on the top view and side view.

For the majority of models, headshell spacers will be needed if the vertical height is incorrect. These spacers can be found HERE.

Several Dual models like the 704 and 721 have vertical height adjustment on the tonearm base, so these do not need spacers.

Please note: the original (translucent) part is added for comparison.

16 reviews for Dual Headshell Cartridge Alignment Gauge

  1. Rob Smit (verified owner)

  2. Ashley D. (verified owner)

    Does the job

  3. Paul R. (verified owner)

  4. Patrick Guice (verified owner)

  5. Maarten (verified owner)

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice products and very good + friendly help and service! Peace from Denmark!

  7. Ivan Lozjanin (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product, well packed and speedy delivery. Very pleased!

  9. Claude Audouy (verified owner)

  10. André Verhagen (verified owner)

    This is even more expensive, compared to the (cheap) material.

  11. horia stefan dumitrache (verified owner)

  12. Bryan (verified owner)

  13. Michael McKenzie (verified owner)

    Art of Vinyl has been super to deal with. I ordered items from them twice recently. Both times they handled my orders timely and efficiently. The two headshells they produced for my DUAL turntables were well built and quite snug fitting when I inserted them in the tone arms. I most definitely will do business with them again. MM Roswell Georgia USA

  14. J.W.M. (verified owner)

    werkt goed voor uitlijning en de prijs is redelijk t.o.v. de gebruikte originelen

  15. Kees R. (verified owner)

    A little sketch showing how to use would have been helpful

  16. Fred De Wit (verified owner)

    Fast and perfect printed Dual part!

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